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1st Taco Snack Discussion

1st, I would just like to extend my hatred in Semagic for not posting this post when I originally wrote it and to LiveJournal for confusing the hell outta me so I didn't know how to post it from the website.

Now, I shall discuss the Taco Snack I had today (it's the one in all the pictures). The packaging seemed more oily than usual yet the product itself seemed less oily. This Taco Snack didn't have the cheese and meat columns that we know and love, this was different. It had layers, like a cake or something. The first few bites were cheese then came the meat. After a few more bites, I was back to cheese again. It was a nice change, but I don't know if I could get used to that. My least favorite part of a Taco Snack is the last few bites. Usually it's where all the excess grease runs down and it's kinda hard from the microwave. I didn't eat the last few bites today, I didn't feel like it.

It wasn't by best Taco Snack, but it was pretty tasty. I've had much better.

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