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Explanation/ Where to Buy Taco Snacks 
10:46pm 21/04/2013
mood: Tripped Out

Hello, Taco Snack lovers! I'm blown away by the response this [stupid fucking] LiveJournal community has received over the last decade, so I thought I should explain the origin of this webpage.

Back in 2003, my friend Matt (mwuck) and I were juniors in high school. Like [apparently] many high schoolers, we fell in love with a greasy, processed treat known as "Taco Snacks," and eventually developed a fandom to the point where we wanted to create a LiveJournal so just the two of us could post photos of them, talk about how amazing they are, and review ones we've eaten (ah, the banality of high school).

Right when I started the community, my digital camera broke, so I couldn't style the page with Taco Snack photos and logos. I went through all kinds of drama getting that damn camera fixed (back then, nobody had camera phones... we were all rocking Nokia 3390s). Eventually, I got my camera fixed and was able to take the background photo and icon you see today. I started reviewing Taco Snacks, but Matt didn't have Internet access at the time so it wasn't that exciting.

In 2004, we graduated high school and we've been craving Taco Snacks ever since. Over the years, more and more people are Googling "taco snacks," trying to figure out where they can buy them, then they stumble across this community and ask if anyone knows. For a long time, this page was the top Google result for "taco snacks."

Thanks to someone's comment in this community, we now know that the company that distributes them, ConAgra Foods, does not sell Taco Snacks in retail stores. In order to get your hands on a Taco Snack, you need to go to this website and order a case of 96 burritos for $91 to $138: http://www.foodservicedirect.com/product.cfm/p/137061/Conagra-Fernandos-Taco-Burrito-Snack-5.75-Ounce.html

At this point in time, the best strategy is to find a couple of friends who are willing to split the cost of the 63lb package. If anyone has successfully ordered, please share your story, and better yet, please link to some photos!

Happy snacking!

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3 Snack Review 
09:49pm 07/03/2004
mood: okay
The best Taco Snack ever! I coldn't believe how perfect it was! The columns, the grease, the crisp... all perfect!

It was meh. A little more greasy and mixed up than usual.

Worst taco Snack I've ever had. It was really hard because it was overcooked. It sucked. I didn't like it at all. If it was my first time eating one, I would have never eaten one again from that point. Ugh.
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1st Taco Snack Discussion 
04:58pm 23/02/2004
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1st, I would just like to extend my hatred in Semagic for not posting this post when I originally wrote it and to LiveJournal for confusing the hell outta me so I didn't know how to post it from the website.

Now, I shall discuss the Taco Snack I had today (it's the one in all the pictures). The packaging seemed more oily than usual yet the product itself seemed less oily. This Taco Snack didn't have the cheese and meat columns that we know and love, this was different. It had layers, like a cake or something. The first few bites were cheese then came the meat. After a few more bites, I was back to cheese again. It was a nice change, but I don't know if I could get used to that. My least favorite part of a Taco Snack is the last few bites. Usually it's where all the excess grease runs down and it's kinda hard from the microwave. I didn't eat the last few bites today, I didn't feel like it.

It wasn't by best Taco Snack, but it was pretty tasty. I've had much better.

04:28pm 23/02/2004
mood: accomplished
I'm so happy! I finally got my digital camera back so I took some Taco Snacks shots for this community. Now this thing is really underway. If only Matt had the internet...
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04:08pm 15/12/2003
mood: energetic
There's nothing better than a taco snack to ease your pain.
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